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Tekno-Tel is a Turkish brand that produces a wide range of home products, including bathroom, kitchen and bedroom accessories. The company was founded in 1990 and has since become one of the leading manufacturers of household goods in Turkey.

Tekno-Tel offers a wide selection of products that will help make your home more comfortable and beautiful. The company's product range includes the following product categories:

Bathroom accessories: dish drainers, towel racks, toilet paper holders, liquid soap dispensers.

Kitchen accessories: cutting boards, hot mats, cutlery holders, storage containers.

Bedroom accessories: bedside tables, hallway tables.

All Tekno-Tel products are made of high quality materials and have a modern design. The company pays special attention to the functionality of its products so that they are convenient and practical to use.

Tekno-Tel products are:

High Quality: Tekno-Tel products are made from high quality materials and meet high standards.

Modern Design: Tekno-Tel products have a modern design that will complement any interior.

Functionality: Tekno-Tel products are convenient and practical to use.

Affordable Prices: Tekno-Tel products are offered at affordable prices.

Tekno-Tel: Innovations for a comfortable life

1. Innovative approach: Tekno-Tel does not just create home accessories, but strives to introduce innovative solutions that make everyday life easier. The company actively uses new technologies and materials, for example, the patented ST Silicon Sticker system, which allows you to install accessories without drilling. This saves time and preserves the integrity of the walls, especially important for rented apartments.

2. Environmental friendliness: Understanding the importance of caring for the environment, Tekno-Tel is increasingly paying attention to the environmental friendliness of its products. The company uses recyclable materials, reduces the use of plastic and introduces energy-efficient solutions in production.

3. Global Recognition: Tekno-Tel's success extends far beyond Turkey. The brand's products can be found in stores throughout Europe, Asia and even in the USA. The company participates in international exhibitions and regularly receives awards for design and product quality.

4. Customer care: Tekno-Tel values its customers and offers them a high level of service. The company provides a guarantee for its products and also provides fast and convenient delivery.

Among the popular Tekno-Tel products are:

- Two-tier folding dish drainer with cutlery tray: a practical solution for saving space in the kitchen.

- Bathroom wall shelf with no drilling: a stylish and functional accessory that maintains the integrity of the walls.

- Cutting board with antibacterial coating: care for hygiene and health in your kitchen.

Tekno-Tel is not just a brand of household goods, it is a philosophy of comfort and care for every moment of your life.

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